Priama akcia je solidárny zväz pracujúcich,
ktorý sa sústreďuje na riešenie problémov
na pracovisku a v bydlisku, a na organizovanie solidárnych akcií za práva a požiadavky
pracujúcich na Slovensku aj v zahraničí. Od roku 2000 je sekciou Medzinárodnej asociácie pracujúcich (MAP), ktorá v súčasnosti združuje zväzy a skupiny z 17 krajín sveta.

Priama akcia wins unpaid wages – short video
Last year in June, Priama akcia won a conflict related to owed wages. We informed about the conflict the same month. This year we created a short video from the footage we made during the conflict, which you can watch here (includes English subtitles). Feel free to share and spread.

Notes from the international meeting of groups engaged in workplace issues
On Saturday 18th of March, the Presentation of Anarcho-Syndicalist Groups took place in the Prague autonomous center Klinika. The event was organized by the Prague solidarity network Solis with speakers from Solis, Lithuanian solidarity network Gyvenimas per brangus (Life Is Too Expensive), Solidarity network Chceme bydlet! (We Want Housing!) and two sections of the International Workers’ Association (ZSP and PA). We hereby thank Solis for the invitation and organization of the event. Here are a few of our observations.

Victory of Priama akcia union in a wage theft conflict with CATO Agency
In the first half of May 2016 Priama akcia entered a wage theft conflict against CATO Agency after we had been contacted by Martin asking for help with his unpaid wages. It took less than a month of activities and here is the good news – the company paid up. Our protest and direct action tactics proved effective once again. We would like to thank to everyone who spread information about the conflict and showed support to Martin.

Support a worker in a wage theft conflict with CATO Agency
Priama akcia entered a wage theft conflict against CATO Agency which has not paid one of its workers. We would like to ask your organization, as well as your members and supporters, to send protest e-mails to CATO Agency. The more people send an e-mail, the better. The international e-mail campaign starts on June 1st and lasts until June 7th.

World Puppetry Day in the shadow of repressions
Priama akcia decided to take a stand towards the restriction of the freedom of speech of puppeteers during the World Puppetry Day (21st March). In solidarity with the puppeteers from Títeres Desde Abajo, who face up to seven years in prison for the absurd charges of terrorism for their play Witch and Don Cristóbal, we organized a protest visit to the Spanish embassy in Bratislava, and activists in Košice visited the Spanish consulate. On the same day, we also published an extensive article on the recent attacks against artists in Slovakia and Spain, and also prepared an interview with a Priama akcia member, who is an amateur puppeteer.

Victory of Priama akcia union in conflict with NGO Divé maky concerning unpaid remuneration
In the first half of November 2015, we started a conflict with the NGO Divé maky concerning unpaid remuneration for their former worker Michal, who approached us and asked for help. After more than two months we have good news – Michal received the whole amount of 950 € to his account on the 22nd January 2016. Despite the fact that Divé maky used threats, defamation and intimidation against us and Michal during the whole conflict, it did not help them. The tactics of protests and direct actions proved to be effective. We want to thank everyone who spread the information about the conflict and expressed their support for Michal.

Indefinite teachers strike in Slovakia has started (+photos)
Teachers in Slovakia have begun an indefinite strike today. They demand higher wages, more money to be invested into education and changes in the system of teachers’ further education. The strike is organized by the Initiative of Slovak Teacher (ISU; which is an independent network of teachers regardless of union affiliation. You will find more information about events that led to the strike in the next External bulletin of the International Workers’ Association.

The IWA Secretariat enquired about practices of NGO Divé maky in Bratislava + interview
31. december 2015
At the end of last week representatives of the IWA Secretariat visited Slovakia and met with members of Priama akcia union (IWA Slovakia). The major topics of their discussions were issues related to illegal employment, onerous contracts and unpaid wages in both neighbouring countries. Representatives of the IWA Secretariat were particularly interested in the development of the conflict of Priama akcia with NGO Divé maky, shared experiences from conflicts and gave impulses for next steps. They wanted to personally meet with Mgr. Barbora Kohútiková from Divé maky who is responsible for the situation. However, no one was in Divé maky office on Monday forenoon, so a message was left in the mail box and on the doors. The situation was discussed also in form of an interview.

International Workers‘ Association’s videoconference on wage theft
On Sunday, 23rd March 2015, the Secretariat of the IWA organized a videoconference on wage theft. The aim was to share experiences from conflicts against bosses and this way help others to act more effectively. We used this form of presentation and discussion for the first time and the result is very positive. Members of organization from Europe and USA took part in the videoconference, concretely from ZSP (IWA Poland), Portland Solidarity Network, Seattle Solidarity Network, Solidarity Federation – Brighton (IWA UK), ARS (IWA Bulgaria), PA (IWA Slovakia), ASI (IWA Serbia) and MASA (Croatia). The topic was highly practical and the discussions helped perhaps the most the members from organization that do not have much experience in organizing conflicts.

Protest in Bratislava against Amazon practices
On Thursday, 29th January, Priama akcia (PA) union organized a protest action in front of the Amazon branch in Bratislava, in solidarity with workers in two Polish warehouses who stood up against the practices of Amazon and started to organize with support of Związek Syndykalistów Polski (ZSP).

Help the Solidarity Network from Most (Czech Republic) in their conflict related to child chicane
Solidarity Network from Most (MSS) would like to ask you to send this protest e-mail to the Social Affairs Department of Most City Hall. Its employee from the Department of Social and Legal Protection of Children abused her position and violated the rights and dignity of a seven-year-old Jakub G. You can show your support easily by filling this simple e-form with a model protest letter that will be sent to the department. This is the second conflict of the MSS preceded by a victory in the case against Zepter International Ltd. from last year (see the article Solidarity Network from Most, Czech (MSS) got unpaid commissions from Zepter).

Priama akcia showed support to the women from Belchatow hospital
On Thursday 5th June union Priama akcia organized a protest in front of Polish embassy in Bratislava. The ambassador was not present but a letter showing support to the demands of the former workers from the Belchatow hospital was given to the advisor of the ambassador. The advisor listened to the reasons of the protest, expressed understanding in the context of insecure jobs of everyone these days, promised to give the letter to the ambassador and inform the responsible authorities in Poland. We would like to thank all those who participated in the action. The women can be supported by sending a model protest email via e-form here

For general strike in Poland – protest visit at the Polish embassy
On Thursday, 12th September, Priama akcia visited the embassy of the Polish Republic in Bratislava. We presented a protest letter to a deputy of the ambassador, in which we expressed our support to the workers’ protests against the worsening working and social conditions.

Solidarity Network from Most, Czech (MSS) got unpaid commissions from Zepter
We are happy to announce that the conflict with Zepter International Ltd. in the Czech Republic, in which Priama akcia actively participated, ended up in a victory for the MSS. In May 2013, the MSS were contacted by Žaneta, who worked for Zepter. She asked for help after her local manager Jiří Ozaňák had refused to pay her commissions she was entitled to. In a fraudulent way he had transferred them to the account of his relative Karolína Ozaňáková. The management of the company refused to address the problem and disputed its existence. Only after a series of collective direct actions the commissions were paid out. What follows is a description of the conflict from the beginning to its victorious end, including reflections on its significance for the future, written down and originally published by MSS.

Protests in support of CNT unions in conflict with companies operating in Slovakia
On Sunday, 16th June, Priama akcia expressed its support to the CNT (IWA-Spain) union in Aranjuez, which is in conflict with Esymo Metal. This company is closely connected to Gestamp, a company with a factory in Veľký Meder (70 km from Bratislava). CNT fights for reinstatement of its member who demanded better working conditions in a local Esymo Metal branch. On Tuesday, 18th June, another protest took place in the Alstom branch in Bratislava in support of the CNT-Zamora struggle against planned closure of four factories in Spain.

Protest at the Slovak branch of ALSTOM in Bratislava
On Thursday 25th April, members of Priama akcia and other activists supported the struggle of the Spanish workers against the plan of ALSTOM to close three factories and lay off nearly 400 people. Although we were not lucky to meet with the management in the Bratislava Alstom branch (allegedly they were too busy...), we handed over a protest letter and said to the receptionist that we demand that the company informs the headquarters in France about our visit. We also added that we would further monitor the conflict and if it didn’t get resolved, we would continue with protest and information activities.

Education workers’ strike in Slovakia after two weeks – global solidarity welcome!
This is a very rough and hardly exhaustive summary of recent two weeks of strike in education sector in Slovakia. The strike is still on despite being put on hold by its initiator, the mainstream union OZ PŠaV. The relations between key players are mentioned very briefly and thus can not be interpreted as exhaustive. We hope this helps to explain what is going on in Slovakia but for an accurate analysis more time will be needed. Protest actions in front of Slovak institutions abroad are more than welcome – preferably this week!

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Víťazstvo Pražskej solidárnej siete v boji o dlžnú mzdu
15.11.2017 Pripomíname ďalšie víťazstvo Pražskej solidárnej siete SOL!S v boji o dlžnú mzdu. K úspechu ešte z októbra gratulujeme a pripájame pôvodný článok aj s videom z návštevy agentúry Avedonna agency, ktorá mzdu dlhovala pracovníčke Denise.

Prezentácia zväzu PA na Ffud feste v Seredi
04.08.2017 Po Trenčíne odprezentujeme naše aktivity a konkrétne spory so šéfmi aj v Seredi. Konkrétne v sobotu 12. augusta o 15.00 na Ffud feste.

Prezentácia zväzu PA počas futbalového turnaja UAFA CUP v Trenčíne
21.06.2017 V sobotu 24. júna popoludní predstavíme v Trenčíne naše aktivity a konkrétne spory, ktoré sme viedli so šéfmi. Prezentácia sa uskutoční v rámci antirasistického futbalového turnaja UAFA CUP.

Anarchosyndikalistický Prvý máj 2017 vo svete
15.05.2017 Počas tohtoročného Prvého mája vyšli do ulíc v mnohých krajinách a mestách sveta sekcie Medzinárodnej asociácie pracujúcich (MAP) a ďalšie spriatelené organizácie. Prinášame reportáže z Austrálie, Brazílie, Británie, Bulharska, Francúzska, Indonézie, Kolumbie, Nemecka, Poľska, Portugalska, Ruska, Španielska, a Švédska.

Poľskí poštári prijali libertínsku formu organizácie svojho hnutia
10.05.2017 Po celoštátnom proteste vo Varšave sa v polovici apríla v Lodži konalo tretie stretnutie poštárov. Sformalizovala sa na ňom sieť poštárov, ktorá prijala libertínsku formu organizácie založenú na našich princípoch – priamej demokracii, zväzoch bez vodcov a delegátoch, ktorí majú určené mandáty a sú kedykoľvek odvolateľní.

SolFed Liverpool zvíťazil v spore s agentúrou domácej ošetrovateľskej starostlivosti
20.04.2017 V prvej polovici apríla sa skončil spor zväzu Solidarity Federation v Liverpoole s agentúrou Alpha Care. Bývalej pracovníčke, ktorá sa rozhodla odísť z agentúry pre zlé pracovné podmienky, dlhovala agentúra peniaze za odpracované hodiny, cestovné výdavky a dovolenku.

Ďalší protest poštárov v Poľsku
11.04.2017 Vyše 2000 pracovníkov a pracovníčok pôšt demonštrovalo v sobotu vo Varšave za zlepšenie pracovných podmienok, reogranizáciu práce a znovuzamestnanie dvoch kolegov, ktorí boli prepustení po verejnej kritike situácie na pošte. Mobilizácia pokračuje.

Otvorené stretnutie zväzu Priama akcia v marci 2017
21.03.2017 V stredu 29. 3. o 18:30 sa v Bratislave uskutoční otvorené stretnutie Priamej akcie. Chceš riešiť problém, ktorý máš na pracovisku (nevyplatená mzda, neplatná výpoveď...) alebo máš nápady na praktické aktivity, prípadne chceš pomôcť s činnosťou PA? Napíš nám na niektorý z našich kontaktov do soboty 25. marca večer, aby sme ti mohli spresniť miesto stretnutia, a v krátkosti opíš, čo by si chcel/a riešiť.

Prezentácia zväzu Priama akcia v Prahe
12.03.2017 V sobotu 18. marca od 15:00 sa bude v priestoroch autonómneho sociálneho centra Klinika v Prahe konať Prezentácia anarchosyndikalistických skupín. Zväz Priama akcia na nej predstaví svoje aktivity a dôvody, prečo sa im venujeme. Spomenieme aj niekoľko sporov, ktoré sme riešili v poslednom čase.

Novoročné stretnutie so zväzom Priama akcia v januári 2017
10.01.2017 V stredu 18. 1. o 18:30 sa v Bratislave uskutoční otvorené stretnutie Priamej akcie, na ktorom je vítaný každý, kto chce riešiť svoje problémy v práci, napríklad s nevyplatenou mzdou či neplatnou výpoveďou. Pokojne sa ozvi, ak máš nápady na praktické aktivity v svojom okolí, prípadne chceš pomôcť s činnosťou PA.

Zväz CNT v Albacete uspel v spore s družstvom Konsum
28.12.2016 O víťazstve v novembri informovala regionálna federácia zväzu CNT v Levante. Príčinou sporu bolo prenasledovanie dvoch žien za ich odborové aktivity. Akcie na ich podporu sa konali v mestách Albacete, Hellin, Madrigerase Sagunto, Tarragona a Barcelona. CNT vyzvala k bojkotu predajní Konsum, čoho výsledkom bolo, že firma sa vzdala a priznala neoprávnené prepustenie oboch žien.

Povedz NIE neplateniu za prácu v skúšobnej dobe
07.11.2016 Odpracovala som skúšobnú zmenu v krčme Ginger Dog v Brightone. Povedali mi, že potrvá „niekoľko“ hodín. Po troch hodinách práce mi oznámili, že mi to ide veľmi dobre a prácu dostanem. Zo skúsenosti však viem, že šéfovia v ubytovacích a stravovacích službách to vravievajú, len aby ľudia pracovali zadarmo ešte dlhšie.

Zväz ASF (MAP Austrália) hlási víťazstvo v spore o neplatnú výpoveď
31.10.2016 Do sporu vyšiel proti podniku Northcote Social Club na predmestí Melbourne. Podnik patrí do siete klubov a hotelov Corner Group a počas sporu sa konali protesty aj pred ďalšími pobočkami v Richmonde a Newtowne. Vedenie nakoniec 18. októbra súhlasilo, že za protiprávne prepustenie vyplatí bývalému pracovníkovi Shawnovi odškodné, ktoré Shawn považuje za uspokojivé. „Toto víťazstvo by sme nedosiahli bez nátlaku na šéfov Corner Group pomocou priamych akcií,“ konštatuje zväz ASF.

Stretni sa so zväzom Priama akcia v októbri 2016
27.09.2016 V pondelok 3. 10. 2016 o 18:30 sa v Bratislave uskutoční otvorené stretnutie Priamej akcie, na ktorom je vítaný každý, kto chce riešiť svoje problémy v práci, napríklad s nevyplatenou mzdou či neplatnou výpoveďou. Pokojne sa ozvi, ak máš nápady na praktické aktivity v svojom okolí, prípadne chceš pomôcť s činnosťou PA.

Otvorené stretnutie zväzu Priama akcia v septembri 2016
07.09.2016 V stredu 14. 9. 2016 o 18:30 sa v Bratislave uskutoční otvorené stretnutie, na ktorom radi privítame každého, kto chce riešiť svoje problémy v práci, napríklad s nevyplatenou mzdou či neplatnou výpoveďou. Pokojne sa ozvi, ak máš nápady na praktické aktivity v svojom okolí, prípadne chceš pomôcť s činnosťou PA.

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