Priama akcia je solidárny zväz pracujúcich,
ktorý sa sústreďuje na riešenie problémov
na pracovisku a v komunite, a na organizovanie solidárnych akcií za práva a požiadavky
pracujúcich na Slovensku aj v zahraničí. Od roku 2000 je sekciou Medzinárodnej asociácie pracujúcich (MAP), ktorá v súčasnosti združuje zväzy a skupiny z 19 krajín sveta.

Priama akcia-Bratislava handed over a protest letter in the ABB headquarters
On Monday, 19th December, members of Priama akcia–Bratislava visited the ABB headquarters in Bratislava. We did not succeed in handing over the protest letter expressing solidarity with the striking workers in Córdoba directly to the management, because no one was there at the moment, but we left it at the reception. However, we were promised that the letter would be given to the management when they came.

Red card for OTTO Work Force agency in Olomouc
After protests in Prešov and Banská Bystrica in Slovakia Priama akcia focused on the recruitment office in Olomouc, Czech Republic. We visited the premises with a local journalist from the paper Olomoucký deník (article in Czech here). We handed over a red card to the employee, who accepted it without objections and promised to fax it to the management in Holland and inform the CEO Frank van Gool about the protest. She indirectly indicated that she has her own opinion regarding the problematic practices.

Protest in Banská Bystrica: Another red card for OTTO Workforce agency
On Wednesday, 20th April, Priama akcia organized a protest against the practices of OTTO Workforce. The office in Banská Bystrica was visited by almost a dozen activists. We wanted to express solidarity with the workers who have been cheated by the agency. With this action, Priama akcia also joined the IWA Days of Struggle against Borders and in Solidarity with Immigrant Workers.

Visiting the Prešov office of OTTO Workforce agency
On Friday April 8, Priama akcia organized its second visit to the OTTO Workforce office in Prešov. We gave the staff a symbolic red card addressed to the management of the agency. We reminded one of the employees (see photo) in the branch that since our first visit some of the workers did receive some money which the company refused to pay before, but not all the demands were fulfilled, therefore we will continue to inform people about the practices of the company at home and abroad. We do not think this was the last red card for OTTO.

First concessions of OTTO Workforce – appeal to send protest faxes/e-mails till Monday noon
After two meetings with the management of OTTO Workforce in Holland this week first concessions have been made. Thanks to the international campaign of the Dutch organization Vrije Bond, ZSP (IWA Poland), and Priama akcia (IWA Slovakia) OTTO paid out some (but not all) money it owed.

Protest action in support of the workers from Socialist Workers’ Alliance of Korea
On 14th January, Friday morning, Priama akcia – Bratislava (IWA/AIT Slovakia) organized an action in support of the workers from SWLK. Together with other individuals we visited the embassy of Korean republic in Bratislava and protested against prosecution of SWLK members. We were received not by the ambassador Seo Seok-soong himself, but by the embassy’s councellor Kim Gyuyoung. The meeting lasted for over an hour and after we explained the reasons and aim of the protest the representative promised to inform the ministry of foreign affairs in Seoul. We continue appealing to people in Slovakia and Czech to send e-mails until Sunday 16th January 22:00 CET to the judge handling the case. More information and a model letter (including English version) can be found in the following article.

We're pissed off - Priama akcia leaflet for the union demonstration against government austerity measures
Priama akcia handed out this leaflet at the demonstration against government austerity measures organized by the biggest union confederation on 12th October 2010 in Bratislava. It was the third union action in the autumn preceded by around 1500 strong demos in Košice (1st October) and Žilina (8th October). Over 5000 unionists met in the capital. You can download Slovak version in PDF here.

YURA Corporation: The Power of Bosses and the Power of Workers. Tactics and Possibilities
The following article was published in Slovak at the end of February, and thus does not contain information about current developments. It explains the anti-worker practices in Slovak branches of South Korean company Yura Corp. The article also contains a leaflet of Priama akcia in solidarity with the workers which was distributed in the region.

Priama akcia – Bratislava solidarity action with FAU-Berlin
Today, on January 28th, Priama akcia - Bratislava organized a solidarity action with FAU Berlin (IWA/AIT Germany). Ten people (members of PA and other FAU supporters) met in front of the German embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia, to protest against the ban imposed on FAU-Berlin which de facto forbids FAU-B to work as a union. The action is part of the International protest days called by FAU between 29th-30th January.

Wildcat strikes of Czech workers in Hyundai and Dymos get massive attention
Around 20 workers left the welding shop in Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech in Nošovice near Frýdek-Místek (Czech Republic) during their shift on Tuesday 1st of December 2009. One day later there was an hourly wildcat strike in assembly hall at the same company. On 3rd December workers in Huyndai subcontactor Dymos organised an hourly work stoppage too. On 7th December the union called a “strike emergency” (a symbolic pre-strike measure to warn the management that unless they start negotiations a real strike action will be called) in Hyundai. We informed about these strikes on our website on 3rd of December. In this article we try to sum up what actually happened, what positive and negative results we can see so far and how other workers can help.
UPDATE 15/12 - agreement was reached (see "discussion" to this article)

Lurking behind the fight against terrorists is a fight against social, political and trade union activists
The article was published as a press release for 11th September 2009. Today the whole world recalls the attack on the World Trade Center buildings in New York. We also commemorate the day when a real disaster and the death of several thousand people took place. As a result of the attack the issue of the fight against terrorism was opened at large, which some frame as a "security or freedom?“ dilemma. A dilemma, which we believe is false, or more precisely - ideological. It represents a tool that forces one to choose between one or the other.

Solidarity actions with arrested Serbian anarchosyndicalists and Ukrainian community activists
On 14th September, Priama akcia – Bratislava members and supporters (around 10 people) visited the Embassy of Serbian Republic and Embassy of Ukraine in Bratislava. Our aim was to protest against absurd charges in both cases: the case of Serbian anarchosyndicalists and the case of community and syndicalist activists in Ukraine.

Police harassment during solidarity action of Priama akcia-Bratislava (IWA/AIT Slovakia) in support of arrested Serbian anarchosyndicalists
On Monday, September 7th 2009, Priama akcia-Bratislava (IWA-AIT) organised a solidarity action in front of Serbian embassy in Bratislava.

Protest action in solidarity with the workers from Ssangyong Motors in South Korea
Today the local group of Priama akcia organized a protest meeting in Bratislava. Our members and other activists delivered protest letters to the consul Mr. Byong-do KIM. In discussion with him we expressed our disagreement with acts of Korean police and we expressed our solidarity with the workers. Mr. Byong-do KIM who is familiar with the situation promised that he would inform Foreign Ministry in Seoul about the protest.

Practical Approach to the Crisis: An Appeal to Share Information and a Presentation of Activities of Priama akcia – IWA/AIT Slovakia
In November 2008 Priama akcia started to monitor the effects of the financial crisis on Slovakia. We hope our activities will inspire others to do similar things in their countries. We started with our first activities in November 2008 and the second phase was launched in February 2009. In addition to leaflets, posters and a questionnaire, we have also set up an online discussion forum which is unique because of its working class perspective, and created an interactive online map which illustrates how many people were or are planned to be made redundant since October 2008 (also where and by what firm). We have also written or translated articles linked to the crisis and posted them on our website (e.g. about temporary agency workers, direct actions, and more).

Global action day in solidarity with teacher Federico Puy in Slovakia and Czech Republic
A short and incomplete summary of actions organised in Slovakia and Czech during the last week of August as part of the IWA campaign in support of Federico Puy - a teacher and FORA-IWA member sacked from Red Cross branch in Buenos Aires.

Kickoff of international week of actions against anti-union practices of Lionbridge. Join too!
On Monday 30th June Priama akcia – IWA Slovakia organised the second protest action in the seat of Slovak branch of Lionbridge or as Irish folks called it - „Lying Bridge“. First news show that the action week initiated in cooperation with Polish anarchosyndicalists slowly brings its first results. What is needed now is to push even harder before 4.7.2008 when the trial starts!

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Najbližšie otvorené stretnutie bude 26. septembra
07.09.2020 Po júnovom stretnutí sa ďalšie otvorené stretnutie zväzu Priama akcia uskutoční v sobotu 26. septembra o 17:00 v bratislavskom Bystre. Budeme hovoriť o tom, ako by sme si navzájom vedeli pomôcť pri riešení problémov v regióne a ako podporiť aktivity, ktoré už prebiehajú. Budeme radi aj keď prídeš do diskusie s hocijakým vlastným bodom. Na stretnutí tiež budú naše propagačné materiály a publikácie. Môžeš si zobrať napríklad nálepky ku kampani venovanej koronakríze či brožúru „Ako sme si poradili s problémami v práci: Spory Priamej akcie 2015-2019“. Tešíme sa na stretnutie!

Najnovšie číslo Kapitálu aj s naším článkom o štrajkoch v školstve
13.03.2020 Redakcia časopisu Kapitál nás požiadala o príspevok k téme neposlušnosť a výsledkom je osobne ladený článok našej členky. „V rokoch 2012 a 2016 som sa ako učiteľka na jednom z bratislavských gymnázií zúčastnila protestov a štrajkov v školstve. Štrajk v roku 2012 sa stal jedným z najznámejších vyjadrení nespokojnosti pracujúcich v novodobých dejinách Slovenska. Zároveň bol predzvesťou štrajku v roku 2016, ktorý sa dá bezpochyby označiť za bezprecedentný prejav nezávislosti od klasických odborov.“

(Ne)voliť nestačí – Po voľbách sa nič nekončí
26.02.2020 Už o niekoľko dní sa na základe výsledkov volieb začne vytvárať koaličná vláda a my si vypočujeme, že teraz treba čakať. Najprv na prvých sto dní, ako je zvykom, potom do polovice volebného obdobia, a napokon na ďalšie voľby. Štátne inštitúcie a firmy budú robiť všetko preto, aby v novej situácii čo najefektívnejšie presadili svoje záujmy cez vlastné organizácie a kontakty. A my zatiaľ (znova) prestaneme existovať.

(Ne)voliť nestačí – Voliť či nevoliť? O čom sú voľby
18.02.2020 Pozastavme sa na chvíľu ani nie tak nad odpoveďou na túto otázku, ale nad tým, ako uvažujeme v období pred voľbami a ako vlastne funguje zastupiteľská demokracia.

Otvorené stretnutie v deň volieb – program akcie
17.02.2020 S blížiacim sa termínom predvolebného otvoreného stretnutia v Bratislave aktualizujeme jeho program.

(Ne)voliť nestačí - Organizovanie sa
11.02.2020 V práci aj v bežnom živote riešime problémy väčšinou bez toho, aby sme sa nejako špeciálne organizovali. Keď chceme na niečo poukázať alebo sa niekoho zastať, vieme to urobiť v podstate hocikedy. Stačí trocha zdravého rozumu a odvahy. Je však veľa problémov, ktoré sa dajú len ťažko vyriešiť bez skutočnej organizácie a plánovania.

Otvorené stretnutie so zväzom Priama akcia v januári
04.01.2020 V otvorených stretnutiach pokračujeme aj v novom roku. Jedno už máme naplánované na deň volieb vo februári, no stretneme sa aj v januári. Naposledy (v novembri) boli výsledkom stretnutia tri aktivity (článok o štrajku pracujúcich proti klimatickej zmene, účasť na klimatickom štrajku a solidarita s protestmi v Čile). Dúfame, že praktický presah budú mať aj ďalšie stretnutia. Vidíme sa v sobotu 18. januára o 16:00 v komunitnej obývačke Bystro. Viac o stretnutiach sa dozvieš nižšie.

Zväz CNT-Tarragona hlási úspech po desiatich mesiacoch v spore
21.12.2019 Po desiatich mesiacoch sa 13. decembra dohodou skončil spor s predajňou tabaku Estanco Nº 2 de El Vendrell. K dohode došlo bez súdneho sporu a zapojenia právnikov. Rozhodli priame akcie.

Nálepky (Ne)voliť nestačí sú tu!
22.11.2019 Chceš podporiť túto myšlienku vo svojom regióne? Ozvi sa, pošleme!
Budú k dispozícii aj na otvorenom stretnutí v Bystre v BA už túto sobotu od 16:00. Viac info: nájdeš tu.

Otvorené stretnutie so zväzom Priama akcia v novembri
09.11.2019 Po hodnotnom prvom stretnutí minulý mesiac bude v novembri ďalšie. Pokračujeme v našej snahe o diskusie a spoločné aktivity ľudí, ktorým je blízky triedny prístup. Diskusie vychádzajú z potrieb a záujmov ľudí na stretnutiach a zámer je, aby mali praktický presah. Vidíme sa v sobotu 23. novembra o 16:00 v komunitnej obývačke Bystro. Viac o stretnutiach sa dozvieš nižšie.

Rozšírme myšlienku „(Ne)voliť nestačí“ do regiónov!
28.10.2019 V rámci príprav na aktivity, ktorými chceme rozšíriť myšlienku „(Ne)voliť nestačí“, by sme radi znova zdôraznili, že sa chceme vyhnúť naťahovaniu sa o to, či voliť alebo nevoliť. Nájdu sa hlasy, ktoré tvrdia, že treba voliť napríklad preto, aby sa do parlamentu nedostali neofašistické tendencie. Ide o veľmi dobrý príklad, na ktorom sa pokúsime vysvetliť pointu kampane. Viac informácií o plánovanej kampani, do ktorej sa môžeš zapojiť, nájdeš tu.

(Ľavicová) žurnalistika – skúsenosť s redakciou blogu Pole
22.10.2019 Seriózna žurnalistika by mala byť bez ohľadu na politickú orientáciu korektná. Očakáva sa, že človek, ktorý chce o niečom písať, si tému nielen vopred naštuduje, ale bude tiež vnímavo pristupovať k poznámkam „respondentov“. Platí to pre klasické články aj pre rozhovory. Teda malo by. Naša skúsenosť s redakciou blogu Pole bola iná.

Fotoreport z klimatického štrajku v Bratislave (20. 9. 2019)
20.09.2019 K dnešnému protestu na Námestí slobody sme sa ako organizácia vyjadrili stanoviskom zverejneným na webe, ale aj osobnou účasťou na mieste v rámci „tmavozeleného“ bloku, ktorý pochodoval za veľkým transparentom kolektívu Bod obratu „Zmeňme systém, nie klímu“.

Zväz SolFed vybojoval spoločne s pracovníkom hotela dlžnú mzdu
08.05.2019 Bývalému pracovníkovi v kuchyni dlhoval hotel Harbour v Brightone 3 odpracované dni, zmluvnú odmenu (prepitné a bonus) a peniaze za nevyčerpanú dovolenku. Celková dlžná suma presahovala 1000 libier.

Kapela Železná kolóna vydáva nový album „Každý deň píšeme dejiny“
30.04.2019 Po 12 rokoch a opäť symbolicky na 1. mája vychádza nový album Železnej kolóny s názvom „Každý deň píšeme dejiny“. Digitálnu verziu s piatimi songmi je možné vypočuť/stiahnuť si na bandcampe a youtube.

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